torsdag 9 februari 2012

Ezra Pound, don´t get angry...

Mitt blogginlägg den 28/1

[Jag har fått en del påpekanden att en del på min blogg borde översättas eller att jag skulle skriva den också på engelska och tyska... men jag vet inte. Här är iallafall den engelska versionen. Översatt av Marie-Noëlle Little.]

It never ends. One would think that the fight, once and for all, could be over. 
     But it does not stop. New generations repeat their predecessors’ deplorable mistakes. And new generations repeat the same deplorable abuses. Once you yourself have made a mistake, it pursues you. Even after death. I am thinking about one of the writers whose work, in various ways, accompanied me throughout my literary life--Ezra Pound--, for me one of the two or three most important literary figures. I have sometimes been inclined to say that he is the most indispensable writer in 20th century Western literary history. His inexplicable, long preoccupation with Italian Fascism inevitably backfired on him, and he paid for his ill-considered beliefs with 13 years of confinement in a Washington institution.  But must Pound’s reputation continue to be defamed? Can’t it be enough now?
     From a French professor in the USA, who has written a remarkably readable book about Pound and Dag Hammarskjöld (Marie-Noëlle Little: THE KNIGHT AND THE TROUBADOUR (2011)), may I present a link to an article on how Neo-Fascists are trying to get a hold on Pound and again make him theirs:
     It never ends. One would like to stand in front of Pound’s beautiful and simple gravestone in Venice and say--as Tage Danielsson said to Tegnér, when he had twisted the Academy song for other purposes--"Don’t get angry, stay put." (translation by MN Little)

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